Video Instructions

Investigator Streaming Instructions:

  1. Log into website
  2. Click on “Broadcast Live” in upper right navigation
  3. Click “Setup New Channel”
    1. Fill out form to setup channel
    2. You will be redirected to the “Broadcast Live” page
  4. To stream via desktop pc:
    1. From the “Broadcast Live” page, click the “Broadcast” button
    2. Now the streaming interface will be displayed
      1. There will be Adobe Flash prompts asking for permission to your camera and microphone – say yes/approve.
      2. Once you’ve given access to your camera and microphone, streaming will begin automatically.
  • The interface is fairly straightforward. From the top left:
    1. The first area contains the video preview and controls
    2. The second area contains the chat interface
    3. The third area contains the viewer list with user controls via right click
    4. The final area below the others contains the show title, runtime, and sharing links
  1. To stream via a mobile device:
    1. Download wowza Gocoder App
      1. for Android devices:

      2. for Apple devices:

        Once you are using the app, click on the gear icon which is the second from the top left on your screen:

        A message that says “Connect To:” has 3 options. Click on the second option which is “Wowza Streaming Engine”

        Click on the First Option which is “Host” put in the following parameters

        Port: 1935

        Click the Back Button:

        Now Click Application and put in the following:

        Application: thirdsho-xarchive

        Now you can stream live video from your mobile device. To share the live video, simply provide the link which is the site name followed by


        Once your customer visits this page, they may need to click on the video/image to get the live stream to start working.

  1. Conduct the broadcast via the mobile device
    1. Note: chat will not be available on the mobile device while broadcasting. A dual mobile device ( laptop and cellphone/tablet ) setup is recommended.
  2. After the stream has ended, the stream video will be automatically archived on the server as a .flv file named similarly to the channel name.
  3. To upload videos:
    1. Go to:
    2. To upload a video, either click on “Choose Files” and select the file you wish to upload, or simply drag and drop it into the upload area below.
  4. To share videos:
    1. Login to the WordPress dashboard of Third-Shore at:
    2. Hover over Video Share VOD on the left hand side of the dashboard and click on import
    3. Once you click import you will see a list of the videos you have either streamed or uploaded. 
    4. Select the video you want by selecting the checkbox to the left of the video. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Import.
    5. You can now access the video by clicking on Videos which appears on the left hand side of the WordPress dashboard.
    6. In the video section on the far right there is a Category labeled Duration & Info. From here you can right-click on any of the highlighted links (source, preview, mobile, high) to download the video file.